Overview of Triple Chance Hi-Lo Slots from Play’n Go


Every now and then a slot game developer decides to take a slot game in another direction from the mean. With Triple Chance HiLo that’s exactly what happened with Play’n Go. This is a simple slot variant where players guess on whether the number on the 3 individual reels will be higher or lower on the next spin. This makes for an easy betting scene and a nice change of pace, despite the lack of bonuses or pay lines. The graphics of the slot are equally as simple but the gameplay is interactive and quite exciting.

The Face of this Different Online Slot

The design of this slot is straightforward from the get go and players will find that getting started with this slot is relatively easy. The first thing players will note with this unique slot are the three separate reels with the numbers 1 to 13 emblazoned onto each. The numbers are black on a white background so despite the standard graphics still stand out well. Besides the reels are several arrow buttons that enable players to bet on either a higher or lower outcome on each reel.

There is very little in the way of sound effects with Play’n Go definitely choosing practicality over flair. The betting options available for Triple Chance HiLo are fairly diverse, with a decent range of coins size and overall bet to edit. The odds in the game fluctuates depending on the likely hood of the hi or low outcome and rewards players based on these odds. If the number on the reel is a 1 or 13 them the low or high bet respectively becomes impossible and therefore impossible to bet on, however since the next number can be the same number as before this situation still has odds and therefore winning possibilities.

The Gameplay of Triple Chance HiLo Slot

As has been mentioned above this is a fairly easy slot to just pick up and play, still a few of the features available to players should be explored. Like punters select wagering options at horse racing betting sites, players can bet on any of the 3 reels when they make their wagers and because of its structure this slot is definitely more inclined toward skill than most online slot games. The betting in this stacks cashed out so effectively, players can keep betting on high or low and if successful grow their winnings substantially by risking the while batch for more favourable odds.

The skill aspect of Triple Chance HiLo slot is further accentuated by the fact that above the reels a bar will fill for successful guesses. When this bar is full it will add a count to the shuffle option. With this players can choose to shuffle the current reels, spending one of these counters, to mix up the game. This allows for a more tactical approach to game.

A Summary of this Unique Slot Game

So overall it seems Play’n Go took a bit of a risk with this different slot game and despite its downfalls, like a lack of bonuses, have created a game most players should at the least try, for there is excitement and wins to be had with Triple Chance HiLo online slot.