The Bermuda Mysteries Online Slots Explored

The Bermuda Triangle is an area over the ocean where many believe many strange and inexplicable occurrences have taken place. Aeroplane and ship disappearances, strange lights, and mysterious events are all tied in with the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Mysteries is an online slots game by NextGen Gaming that is inspired by the unsolved mysteries connected to the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Mysteries contains symbols and imagery drawn directly from the legends, with high value symbols shown as a life jacket, a ship, a fighter plane, and a radio. The scene behind the game itself is a view of the ocean, with rain coming down, all tinted with a supernatural green.

The Bermuda Mysteries Layout and Gameplay

The layout of the Bermuda Mysteries is identical to most NextGen Gaming online slots Canada, and players experienced with NextGen will know the function of everything on the screen. For those new to NextGen slots, learning all the options and buttons won’t take long.

The first to notice is the spin and gamble buttons found on the right. The spin is used to manually spin the reels for every round, while the gamble allows players to gamble on any winnings they earn during game play. The gambling feature can be activated after any successful spin, and players get the chance to increase those winnings by guessing the correct card that is shown. While the gamble can reward big returns, it can also mean the player can lose whatever winnings they earned for that spin, if the gamble is unsuccessful.

Moving to the left, three options are available for betting. Plus and minus buttons to raise and lower the bet respectively, or an option to automatically max the bet. Next to this, players can choose how many paylines they would like active during spins, with more paylines meaning a higher chance of landing winning combinations.

Lastly, an autoplay button, info and a sound toggle are available. The autoplay allows players to choose how many times the reels spin automatically, while the info button brings up a display showing players the rules of the game, as well as what the values are of each symbol in the game, and possible combinations.

The Bermuda Mysteries Bonus Features

Free spins are a possibility in The Bermuda Mysteries, and can be achieved when three or more of the golden badge symbols are landed anywhere on the reels. The player will be given twelve free spins, and while the free spins are active, a green radar symbol will increase the multiplier by 1x every time it lands.

Additionally, landing three or more map symbols in The Bermuda Mysteries during either the base game or free spins will activate a special minigame. The minigame involves the player being taken to a radar station where they can choose locations to identify. Locations that include a shipwreck, or fallen plane awards special prizes, while a flying saucer, wormhole, whirlpool, or wave will end the minigame.

The Bermuda Mysteries In Conclusion

Fans of mystery and the strange occurrences that have happened around the Bermuda Triangle will thoroughly enjoy this online slots game.