Microgaming’s Prime Property Video Slots Game

With Microgaming’s Prime Property video slots game, the real estate world will take a step away from reality and into a scenario with every-rising prices.

The Prime Property video slots game is a non-progressive game that offers players five reels and forty pay lines to play on. There is a maximum jackpot payout of twelve thousand coins, and players can enjoy additional special features such as wilds, scatters, multipliers, free spins, and an extra bonus game. Continue reading “Microgaming’s Prime Property Video Slots Game”

The Arabian Caravan Video Slots Game

Arabian Caravan is a video slots game by Genesis Gaming that focuses on classic Middle Eastern tales. As to be expected, this video slots game features a background filled with sands and characters of Middle Eastern stereotypes with colourful and long flowing clothes. The Arabian Caravan video slots game takes place on five reels, with no pre-determined number of pay lines.

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