Overview of Triple Chance Hi-Lo Slots from Play’n Go

Every now and then a slot game developer decides to take a slot game in another direction from the mean. With Triple Chance HiLo that’s exactly what happened with Play’n Go. This is a simple slot variant where players guess on whether the number on the 3 individual reels will be higher or lower on the next spin. This makes for an easy betting scene and a nice change of pace, despite the lack of bonuses or pay lines. The graphics of the slot are equally as simple but the gameplay is interactive and quite exciting. Continue reading “Overview of Triple Chance Hi-Lo Slots from Play’n Go”

Dragon Slot – Dragon Themed Slot Machine in Review

Dragon Slot, by Amaya, is an online slot machine game, abiding by the known slot machine rules. The player must spin the reels, and hope to match the icons, left to right, in order to form winning sequences. Bonus icons grant extra payouts, or can stand in place for other icons as wild cards. The unique values of Dragon Slot are the icons themselves, which feature a collection of impressive artwork that animates for extra entertainment value. A soundtrack, featuring mysterious, fantasy themed music, is also used during play, adding a sense mystery to the game. Continue reading “Dragon Slot – Dragon Themed Slot Machine in Review”