Haunted House Online Slot Game

Haunted Houses and the stories of paranormal activities that are usually associated with them are like a spark to flint for anyone with a lively imagination.   Not only are we captivated by stories of haunted houses in history, but our fascination with modern day stories of haunted buildings also know no bounds. Continue reading “Haunted House Online Slot Game”

King Of Swing Online Slots Overview

King of Swing is a progressive online video slot machine that has been developed around a hearty American baseball theme. Featuring cartoony imagery of all things baseball, from a pair of baseball mitts to the classic American hotdog, and offering a suitable soundtrack, this game is suited to just about any baseball fan.

King of Swing displays 5 reels, with 25 possible paylines and a number of bonus features that offer bigger winning opportunities. Among the bonus features are substitutes, scatters, multipliers and of course, the random progressive jackpot. Continue reading “King Of Swing Online Slots Overview”