The Sirens Slot Online Game By High 5 Gaming

The Sirens slot game has been designed and developed by High 5 Gaming. The game features five reels and thirty pay lines for players to play on, and it also offers its players wild symbols, free spins, and a multiplier bonus round. The Sirens slot game is compatible with numerous devices.

The Sirens slot game is commonly considered a good game for budget players, as the maximum bet to be placed on the thirty pay lines is 4.5 coins. Continue reading “The Sirens Slot Online Game By High 5 Gaming”

Harveys Online Slots Reviewed for Real Money Pokies Players

We are a people fascinated with food. An excellent way of exploring the intricate workings of a new culture when travelling, is to sample the food enjoyed by the people of that culture.  Each culture has its own favourites, and its own customs and ways associated with those foods. Even days of import are celebrated with specific meals. Cake, for instance, is customary in Western culture, when celebrating a birthday. So is ice cream. Thanksgiving is about turkey, and Easter is about ham and chocolate. Continue reading “Harveys Online Slots Reviewed for Real Money Pokies Players”

Play Halloweenies Online Slots Game With Tricks

The tradition of Trick or Treating – the passing out of candy to children going from house to house at Halloween, has been around since the early 1900’s.  During the original celebrations of Samhain, the Celts would dress up in disguises made of animal skin, as this was  believed to drive evil forces away from the home.  In addition, tables were made up and filled with goodies and treats as this was supposedly effective in order to appease unwelcome and unfriendly spirits. Continue reading “Play Halloweenies Online Slots Game With Tricks”

Potion Factory Online Slot Game

Potion Factory is a very busy online slot machine game, which is produced by software developer Leander, and their partner Amaya. This game is set in a cartoon potion factory with loads of little minions running around all the time. The game has a number of added extras, such as wild and scatter symbols, a nudge feature and a second screen bonus round. Continue reading “Potion Factory Online Slot Game”

All About The Big Bad Wolf Online Slots

This online slot game is known for and based on a very popular children’s fairytale. The game is themed around the story of the Three Little Pigs. This 5 reel and 25 payline game has outstanding graphics, sound effects and additional bonus features on offer. Betting ranges from 0.01 – 5.00 coins, with a maximum win of 75 000 coins in total.

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Ancient Greek Gods of Olympus Slot Online Game

According to Ancient Greek mythology, a total of 12 gods ruled the universe from a central seat of power, namely Mount Olympus.  Zeus was the leader of the group, and also the one responsible for their having come into power.  Zeus is perhaps also widely known due to his temper having had a direct influence on the weather.  Zeus was married to Hera.  Hera is typically portrayed as being a warrior, perhaps as a result of her many plots of revenge aimed at the multitude of lovers kept by Zeus.

Zeus and Hera are well known figures in Greek Mythology, and also as such adopted into Roman culture.  The Romans renamed all 12 of the Gods of Olympus, changing the names of Zeus and Hera to Jupiter and Juno. Continue reading “Ancient Greek Gods of Olympus Slot Online Game”

Goddess of Life Slots Game Based On Celtic Mythology

The beautiful Goddess of Life rules over the four elements. All of these elements, earth, water, air and fire have their own symbols in this game, each of them with an animal, an element and their own goddess. Further symbols include some ancient monuments, and the traditional array of playing card symbols. The Fire symbol is the most valuable, and after that comes the earth symbol. Water and Air will only grant some modest wins. Continue reading “Goddess of Life Slots Game Based On Celtic Mythology”

Fisticuffs Slots Features Exciting Boxing Match Action

Fisticuffs is one of the latest slot games from Net Entertainment, and the theme revolves round the sport of boxing. The soundtrack in the background is piano playing, something like a music hall dating from the beginnings of the twentieth century.

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