Nouveau Riche

IGT Nouveau Riche Online Slot

IGT Nouveau Riche is an online slot game that is set in the 1930’s. The title of the game refers to people in America that made their own fortunes just before the great depression. The term is French for newly rich. This online slot has 5 reels and 20 pay lines for players to wager on.

Wagers start at 0.20 as you must play with all pay lines active. Wagers can be increased to an upper limit of 10 per spin. IGT Nouveau Riche features a free spins bonus round, a wild symbol and a reel collapsing Free Fall bonus.

There is a maximum jackpot on offer of 5000x your staked line wager. The average Return To Player is between 93% and 96.43%. The reel symbols and graphics are beautifully drawn giving this slot game a distinct look.

The Nouveau Riche Free Spins Feature

IGT Nouveau Riche has a free spin bonus round that is triggered by the ceramic decanter bonus symbol. This symbol only appears on reel 1, 2 and 3. Land three of these symbols on an active pay line and the free spins round will start.

You will be taken to a new screen here you must pick one of the three muses. Each muse will provide a number of free spins. When the free spins star, a new +1 symbol will start appearing on reel 3. If it lands in view you will receive an additional free spin. You can unlock up to 100 free spins. The staked wagers that were active when the free spins round triggered will remain in play for the duration of this bonus round.

The Nouveau Riche Free Fall Bonus

IGT Nouveau Riche has another feature that essentially awards a re-spin after a win. Whenever a winning combination is made on the reels, the symbols forming the combination will disappear and the symbols above them will collapse down. If another winning combination is triggered by this, the reels will collapse again. If stacked wilds are formed players can get big Canadian slots online pay outs.

The Nouveau Riche Wild Symbol

IGT Nouveau Riche has a wild symbol that acts as a substitute symbol. It can change its value to any of the standard symbols, including the Nouveau Riche logo. The wild does not offer any pay outs by itself if you line up more than one on an active pay line

The Nouveau Riche Reel Symbols

IGT Nouveau Riche features 7 standard symbols on the reels. The pay outs start in value with the purple gemmed jewellery. You can expect a 5 to 80 times your line wager pay out. Next in value are the blue gemmed and green gemmed jewellery symbols. These symbols offer between 10 and 100 times your staked line wager.

The muses are next in value on the pay scale. There is a dark haired, blonde haired and red haired muse symbol. The dark haired muse offers between 20 and 300 times your staked line wager.

The blonde haired muse pays between 30 and 400 times your staked line wager. The red haired muse offers between 50 and 800 times your staked wager. The IGT Nouveau Riche logo is the highest value symbol. 5 matching symbols will award the jackpot pay out of 5000 times your staked line wager.


IGT Nostradamus Prophecy Online Slot

IGT Nostradamus Prophecy is an online slot game that takes its inspiration from the famed French prophet who made predictions about the future and wrote a book about homemade jam. This slot game features 5 reels and a unique 243 pay line system.

This slot game features 4 bonus games which include a free spins game and unique reel modifier options. Wagers start at 0.25 per spin but can be raised up to a maximum wager of 125 per spin. An Autoplay option can be activated to make game play even more convenient.

The Nostradamus Prophecy Free Spins Bonus

The first bonus game available in IGT Nostradamus Prophecy is a free spins round. This feature is triggered by the Globe scatter symbols. Land three or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels and this bonus game will trigger.

Players will be awarded with free spins and reel modifiers which add special features. The amount of scatter symbols that triggered the free spins round will determine how many free spins and modifiers are won.

Three globes award 5 free spins and one reel modifier. Four globe scatters will award 10 free spins plus two reel modifiers. Five globes will award 15 free spins and all three reel modifiers.

Players can choose which of the reel modifiers are applied. There are three options. The first is the Earthquake modifier. This feature replaces random symbols after each spin with higher value, enhanced symbols.

The lightning modifier features a lightning bolt striking the reels after each spin. This bolt will turn up to 4 symbols wild. The final available reel modifier is the Tsunami modifier. When activated, after each spin, this feature will turn reels 1, 2 and 3 wild.

The Nostradamus Prophecy Book Bonus

Players who stake a minimum of 5 per spin can take part in the IGT Nostradamus Prophecy Book Bonus feature. After any winning spin that features the book symbol, players will receive an additional cash prize similar to many online blackjack bonuses.

The Nostradamus Prophecy Planets Bonus

IGT Nostradamus Prophecy features a planet symbol that only appears on reels 1, 3 and 5. If you land this symbol on all three reels then the Planets Bonus feature will trigger.

This feature takes players to a new screen where you see the planets rotate around the sun. Any planets that are lined up when the feature ends will award a multiplier prize.

The Nostradamus Prophecy Predictions Bonus

IGT Nostradamus Prophecy features a randomly awarded bonus called the Nostradamus Predictions bonus. When it activates, a scroll will unfurl across the screen and award one of 3 prizes.

The first is a multiplier applied to your winning combinations as well as a cash prize. The second possible reward is one of the three reel modifiers that activate in the free spins round. The final possible reward is a big cash prize.

The Nostradamus Prophecy Wild Symbol

IGT Nostradamus Prophecy Features a Crescent Moon symbol as the in game wild. This symbol takes on the value of any standard symbol. 5 wilds lined up on an active pay line will also pay out 500 times your wager. The wild symbol does not substitute for any of the scatter symbols.

Noah’s Ark

IGT Noah’s Ark Online Slot

IGT Noah’s Ark is an online slot game inspired by the Biblical story of the flood and how Noah built an Ark to save himself, his family and two of every animal. This slot game takes a lot of inspiration from this story.

Doves feature as the bonus triggering scatter symbol and the symbols can have double values if two animals are present on the icons. The slot game’s play area is split into 5 reels with 30 pay lines to activate across them.

Noah’s Ark Double Animal Symbols

IGT Noah’s Ark has a unique reel symbol feature. The symbols can appear with two animals on it at the same time. These symbols will count as two matching symbols and will only require one other matching symbol to form a winning combination.

This feature remains in play during the free spins round, but here the wild will also count as two symbols.

Noah’s Ark Raining Free Spins

IGT Noah’s Ark free spins feature is triggered by the white dove symbols. In the Bible story, these doves were sent out to find signs of dry land. In IGT Noah’s Ark, they will find you free spins. You need to land between 5 and 6 doves on the reel in order to trigger the feature.

Five doves award 5 free spins and six doves award 10 free spins. This may sound like a tougher requirement than other online slot games, but since Noah’s Ark features double animal symbols, it is easier than you think.

 Noah’s Ark Wild Symbol

IGT Noah’s Ark has a wild symbol that features the infamous Ark. This wild symbol can take on the value of any of the standard symbols. It will not substitute for the Dove scatter symbol.

Additionally the wild will also count as two symbols when it appears during the Raining Free Spins bonus round. If you land three or more wilds on an active pay line, it will award between 300 and 10 000 times your wager. This 10 000x your wager payout is the jackpot prize in IGT Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark Reel Symbols

IGT Noah’s Ark has animals and standard card symbols that award the pay outs. The A, K, Q and J symbols award the lowest pay outs ranging between 5 and 200 times your wager. These symbols require you to line up three or more matching symbols on a pay line.

The animal symbols feature 10 different pay outs. With the double animal symbols you can potentially line up 10 matching symbols. The pay outs for the animal symbols range between 10 and 1000 times your staked wager at this real money mobile slots.

Noah’s Ark Wager Limits

IGT Noah’s Ark is available for real money wagering online. Wagers are placed using coins to activate one or all of the 30 pay lines. The coins start in value at 0.01.

You can adjust the individual value of the coins and the amount of coins you wager per pay line for a maximum wager value of 10 per pay line. This gives you a maximum possible wager of 300 per spin.


An Interesting Microgaming Approach with Moonshine Slot

The famous hillbilly concoction of near pure alcohol is quite famous around the world, particularly for its burning effectiveness and unique method of manufacture. However as the central theme of an online slot game the alcohol Moonshine is a rather unique and certainly different choice. Microgaming have become renowned for producing detailed games with a solid theme and graphical display and this slot of theirs hardly falls short of expectations.

With 25 pay lines and 5 reels the fundamentals of this slot are pretty standard, but combined with this unique theme and the reel symbols this incites as well as cinematic elements and bonus features makes for quite a ride. Players will find this slot game to have Wilds, a Scatter bonus win and even a themed bonus game that can result in some free spins and multipliers for said spins.

Moonshine Appearance Thematically and on the Reels

The alcohol is known for being considerably strong, so a soft, genteel slot theme would not go down all too well. Fortunately Moonshine slot’s theme is hardly soft and with the vivid symbols and cinematics the atmosphere definitely screams hillbilly convention alongside potential profits on the reels. There is a country sound track, with an overlay of night time noises to add to the ambience. Alongside the bright colours of the reels and those of the buttons below them, the symbols themselves tale a fairly interesting tale.

Found on the 5 reels of this 25 pay line slot are symbols revolving around the manufacture and lifestyle of this alcohol. Here players will find a badass grandma, her hillbilly kids, a sheriff and several dishes associated with the group, namely pumpkin pie and sardines. Again, Microgaming have spent the effort to make each of these symbols quite a thing to behold and certainly quite fun to spin.

As far as betting goes in this Moonshine slot, there are several selections to be adjusted beneath the reels before play can commence. Here, with the range of coin denomination and number thereof, players from several different walks of life can find a range to bet within.


Moonshine Themed Bonus Features Included

Honestly, no matter how ideal a slot looks, it isn’t nearly as exciting without a few bonus features, and here again Microgaming know what they’re doing. The first bonus found on the reels of Moonshine slot is the Wild symbol which is depicted here as the hillbilly grandma. This symbol is known for its substitution skills and can switch for other game symbols except the other bonus symbols. This helps player’s complete wins easier on the reels.

The first Scatter bonus is the sheriff symbol and only returns cash prizes should players land 2 or more on the reels anywhere. The second Scatter bonus is the bonus game feature and is triggered through the Moonshine jugs symbol. Here players are taken to a different screen with jugs of this alcohol hiding prizes beneath. Players pick until a penultimate jug is turned over, beginning the free spins round with the number of free spins found. Here players will also be awarded up to a 4 times multiplier to increase the free spin wins.

Kings Of Cash

Kings Of Cash Online Slot Review

This is a Microgaming developed slot game themed toward the regal Kings displayed on playing cards and their connection to wealth and riches. As such the game is graphically laden with bright colours, predominantly red and gold, and attributes the bulk of its aspects towards a classy, wealthy portrayal of the playing card theme. The symbols as a result display finely adorned kings and the like and actually make for a rather refreshing spinning experience.

Otherwise this Kings Of Cash slot game from Microgaming is a 5 reel, 15 pay line game, with buttons along the bottom, just below the reels, enabling players a selection of pay lines, coin sizes and number of coins. This allows for a fair bit of diversity during the betting. The bonus features in this slot are Wilds, free spins, a bonus game and a gamble option after each spin.

Visual Appearance and Betting with this Slot

On the face of it this slot is based on the Kings of playing cards. Those high ranking monarchs of the cards that have acquired the respect of players the world over for the strength they represent. It is undoubtedly a theme synonymous with the industry itself and one that works even across a rather different medium like slots. As far as follow through goes, Microgaming have not disappointed, pulling out their usual standards of development. There is a complementing tune and a dark red wallpaper backdrop to this effect.

The symbols in Kings Of Cash are mostly the stylised playing card Kings the theme is ultimately set on. A few other symbols like a throne, a treasure chest and a coat of arms depicting the playing card suits. Probably because the theme is based on playing cards, specifically the King, Microgaming have excluded their usual playing card symbols incorporated into most of their games.

With 15 adjustable pay lines and the range of other betting selections, players from many walks of life can enjoy a couple of spins on the reels. Kings Of Cash also has a gamble feature though, which enables players to double or even quadruple their winnings after each spin by betting on either the colour or suit of a hidden card.

Featuring Kings Of Cash Bonuses

The bonus features included in this Microgaming slot are rather decent and offer players something different to liven up the base game. The first Kings Of Cash bonus feature is the Wild symbol, which is capable of being turned into any other symbols in the game, and through this enables additional wins on the reels. This is the logo symbol of the game.

The free spins feature is triggered by one of the Scatter symbols in the game, the royal banner, and can reward up to 25 free spins if players can land up to 5 of the symbols. This free spins feature is made better by the fact that there is a 2 times multiplier during the feature.

The Kings Of Cash bonus game is triggered through the other Scatter symbol and enters players into a pick’em game. Here a selection of face down cards reveals prizes for matching groups.

House Of Dragons

Online Oriental Positioned House Of Dragons Slot

The classical oriental theme is one employed fairly often by slot games as it holds a lot of symbolism to convey across the reels as well as harbouring some firms of intrigue and mystery. The theme of any slot game however needs to well conveyed in order to be effective, and for developers Microgaming this is right in their wheel house. Whilst this House Of Dragons slot game may not hold the graphics this developer has been known to produce, the overall theme is well rounded and players will feel immersed in the reels to a certain degree all the same.

There are 5 reels in this slot, with a fairly standard 20 pay lines alongside. The betting options available to the players are fairly broad, a la Microgaming, and this slot also includes a few bonuses features on top of this. These include win doubling Wilds, a gamble Scatter bonus and a main game centred on the aspect of archery. Overall this slot seems capable of holding its own in this industry.

A Description of Theme and Gameplay

Just because the Oriental theme is a popular one does not mean it’s a sure fire theme for an online slot game. The theme still needs to be well portrayed, related appropriately to the reels and the action thereof, and also ideally should bring forward something a little unique for the players. In terms of portrayal Microgaming have done well, the theme is highlighted through the backdrop around the reels, displaying Oriental pillars with Chinese dragons displayed across, through the symbols on the reels themselves as well as the somewhat calming oriental tunes for sound track.

With the symbols in House Of Dragons slot Microgaming went with some of the better known Oriental themed ones. These include the likes of Chinese dragons and coins, oriental styles fans, an archery symbol and a red lantern. There are of course Microgaming’s favourite playing card symbols complementing these on the reels by adopting the lower valued wins.

With the betting in this slot players can choose from the number of pay lines, the line stake and the number of coins. Add to this an auto play feature and players can afford to spend a bit of time setting the spins to their personal preference.

House Of Dragons Bonus Symbols and Features

House Of Dragons is a solidly themed game, but even so, a few bonus features never really go amiss. The first of these included in this slot is the Wild symbols, represented by the dragon symbol. This Wild can become other base game symbols to contribute to forming wins. Additionally an wins formed with this symbol come with a 2 times multiplier.

The Scatter bonus of the game is the Fan and triggers a prize feature, where after the player lands 3 or more anywhere on the reels these symbols then reveal prizes and multipliers hidden beneath.

The main bonus feature is the Archery bonus, triggered by landing 3 or more of the Archery symbols on an active pay line. Here players have the option to gamble this win by shooting an arrow at 4 targets behind which lies additional prizes. Be warned however that if the archer misses the targets no wins are won.

Harry Trotter

Harry Trotter Slot Machine Humour

Harry Trotter is a slot game featuring a wizard in round glasses, but it is not the famous Harry Potter. This wizard is a pig. It is a five reel game with twenty pay lines, released by Blueprint.

The graphics in this slot game are clear and fresh, and has a bright Logo. Harry Trotter is a 3D figure, and the game has some really great animated sequences. The symbols include all the magic icons that fans of the Harry Potter movies will recognise. There is the Pointy Hat, the Book of Spells and bag of gold coins. Even the traditional playing cards that form the lower value symbols, have been decorated to fit in with the magic theme.

Wilds Offer Many Chances for Big Wins

The Wild symbol is the Pig wizard himself, with the word Wild beneath it. If you find five of these Wilds on a pay line you will win one thousand times your initial wager. You will get fifty times your bet for finding four Wilds, and five times your bet for three. There is even a consolation prize of one fifth of the amount of your bet if you find two Wilds. You will receive twenty five times your wager is you find five Badges, and five of the Gold coins will bring you twelve times your initial bet, and the Pointy Hat will bring you fifteen times your bet for five appearing on the reels.

Several Bonus Games Result From Choices on the Magic Map

If you get three bonus symbols on your reels you will be awarded Harry Trotter’s Mystical Map bonus. When you have the map, you choose one of four circles which have Bonus written on them. Your bonus will be revealed. In the most straightforward bonus, you will gear an ascending tune and win a good prize. The other bonus games involve more action.

One of these bonus games is called Squeal or no Squeal, based on the television show Deal or no deal. There are several Books of Spells, and Harry Trotter, at the bottom of the reels, asks you to choose one of them. These books reveal win multipliers, and you can accept it, or choose another one. You can press Squeal to collect the prize, or No Squeal if you want to pick again. There are five books in total, and you will be awarded the prize under the last book, if you have not chosen any of the others.

More Bonus Rounds

The Magic Mirror free spins game has extra Wilds, which are chosen at the beginning of the game. When you see framed symbols on the reels, they will be the chosen symbol.  There are plenty frames in this bonus round, so you find you are winning plenty prizes, especially if your chosen symbol is a high value one.

The final bonus round is a board game. Harry Trotter moves around the screen and collects cash multipliers of different values, up to ten times, different elixirs and mystery crystal ball bonuses. The two green potion squares on the board which if you land on them will end the game. There are definitely some good wins to be had in this bonus, if you can avoid the green squares.

In Harry Trotter slot game, there is lots of fun, as well as Blueprint’s professionalism, and the many bonus games do offer many chances of many wins.

Goddess of Life

Goddess of Life Slots Game Based On Celtic Mythology

The beautiful Goddess of Life rules over the four elements. All of these elements, earth, water, air and fire have their own symbols in this game, each of them with an animal, an element and their own goddess. Further symbols include some ancient monuments, and the traditional array of playing card symbols. The Fire symbol is the most valuable, and after that comes the earth symbol. Water and Air will only grant some modest wins.

Wilds and Scatters Offer Great Payouts

This five reel game, with twenty pay lines was launched by Playtech in 2012, and as with all their games, Playtech has devised some superb graphics.

The Goddess of Life is the Wild in this game, and as such can substitute any other symbol except the Scatter, into a winning combination. The Logo of the Goddess of Life slots game is the Scatter symbol.

The Free Spins Round

The Scatter symbol activates the free spins round, where you will choose one of the four main elements of life symbols to find out how many free spins you have been granted. If you win any payouts during the free spins round with the help of the Wild symbol, all your winnings will all be tripled. Three or more of the Scatter symbols appearing on the reels even during the free spins round, will award you with a number of free spins, randomly chosen. This can be retriggered many number of times.

Three of the bonus symbols appearing anywhere on the reels 2, 3 or 4 in the Goddess of Life, will activate a Pick’em bonus round. You are taken to a cave, where you can choose which crystals to pick up to see how many credits you have won. You can pick any number of diamonds, until you find a Collect sign, and the game will end, and all your winnings added to your account.

Five Wilds Will Give You the Top Jackpot

When you land Wild symbols on a winning pay line you will receive a payout that will be tripled. If you manage to land five Wild symbols on an active pay line, you will win the highest jackpot in the game. If you have also bet the maximum coin size, there is a possibility of a jackpot win of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Goddess of Life uses the theme of mysticism well, with the accent on Celtic mythology, and it is considered a great creation by Playtech. You can be flexible with the amounts you bet. All free spins wins are also tripled, which is great as the maximum payout is already substantial.

Control buttons on the Goddess of Life slot are easy to understand. The first button gives you a list of possible winning combinations as well as the bonus features. You can then set the bet level you want, adjust the number of pay lines you want to play, and even set the automatic Autoplay feature if you want to sit back and play.


Fisticuffs Slots Features Exciting Boxing Match Action

Fisticuffs is one of the latest slot games from Net Entertainment, and the theme revolves round the sport of boxing. The soundtrack in the background is piano playing, something like a music hall dating from the beginnings of the twentieth century.

This slot game has five reels and ten fixed pay lines. The Fisticuffs slot game has been designed in a cartoon like style, and the symbols all represent boxing gear. You will see a pair of boxing gloves, boots, a trainer’s stool, the towels, an ornate championship belt and a bell. There are two boxers who are the Wild symbols, one tough looking chap who is the straight Wild on reel three, and a smooth looking character who is the diagonal Wild, and he appears on reels two and four. When a specific combination of Wilds appears on the reels, the Boxing feature will be triggered to give you free respins.

Fisticuffs slot game can be played with all ten fixed bet lines, so you can choose from ten betting levels, and choose from several coin values, ranging from very low to fairly high.

Bonus Feature Is In the Base Game

Several of Net Entertainments’ slots have no real separate bonus round, and like Fisticuffs have the bonus features taking place in the standard base game.

There are two small bonus features that appear within the Boxing feature. The straight Wild appears only on reel three, and if one or two of the diagonal Wilds appears next to him on reels two or four, a mini bonus is triggered. Depending on which side the diagonal Wild appears, the straight Wild will punch him out to one of the five available reels, thus creating three Wilds in a row, and changing all other symbols into Wilds as well.  This will create more winning bet lines. This will also activate the Boxing Feature Respin, and these Wilds will stay in place on the reels during the respin. Even more potential winning combinations will be created.

A Useful Win Both Ways Feature

The Win both Ways feature means that win lines can be created from icons reading from right to left, as well as the normal left to right.

The Wilds Have a Boxing Match

If the diagonal Wild appears only on reels two and four, and can replace all other symbols. If one or two diagonal Wilds appear diagonally on a reel, next to the straight Wild, the diagonal Wild will punch the straight Wild and the symbols that are above or below the diagonal Wild will become Wild as well. The boxing feature respin will be activated and all the Wilds will keep their positions to form extra winning pay lines.

During the boxing feature respin, you will see stacked Wilds on reels one and five, and they can replace all other symbols and help form some more winning combinations.

Fisticuffs is such an easy and satisfying slot game to play, and is also regarded as a low variance slot, so it will be perfect for all types of casino players, and will appeal to all fans of slot games. Fisticuffs has been adapted by NetEnt for play on any mobile device as well.


All the World’s Elementals in One Slots Game

Elementals is a five reels online slots game with 5 reels and twenty pay lines that was created by the leading games developer Microgaming. The story line of this slots machine is a journey into the world of ancient myths, peopled with heroes, and all are larger than life. There are four Elementals, Gnome who is the spirit of Earth, and Undine, the spirit of water, Sylph the spirit of wind, and Salamander the spirit of fire, all developed from descriptions made during the sixteenth century. They all are gifted with the power of the element they represent.

These bright and well-drawn symbols are presented in Elementals slots game in a way that resembling comic book art. The symbols all appear against a purple background, with interesting individual sound effects. Apart from these four symbols there is also a range of the classic fruit machine symbols like oranges, lemons, plums and melons that represent the lower value symbols.

The Valuable Wilds

The Wild in Elementals video slots game is the game’s Logo, and as such can substitute for all other symbols in a winning combination except for the Scatter and the Bonus symbols. There is a useful 5000 coin jackpot for you if you manage to find five Wilds on the reels, and all Wild wins are doubled. The Scatter is a Crystal Ball, and a big E on a sun is the bonus symbol that will activate the free spins round.

The Free Spins feature is the main bonus round, and the financial objective of the game. In order to activate it you will need to land the big E symbol anywhere on the one and five. Once this bonus round has been triggered you will receive twenty free spins. All wins made during the free spins round will also be doubled. You can reactivate this free spins round by landing three more big E symbols.

Another jackpot range is available to be won whenever you land a winning combination in the base game. If it includes the Wild symbol you will have your prize doubled, and the winning combinations are listed on the pay table.

If you find five Crystal Ball Scatters on the reels you will win a prize worth two hundred times your initial bet.

Gamble Feature Included

After every win that you make, you have the option of trying to increase the amount of the win. You can try to choose correctly the colour of the next playing card to be drawn. If you win, your winnings will be doubled, but an incorrect guess will lose you all your winnings. There is a five win limit to this feature.

The basic buttons that are used in Elementals, are the ones used to adjust the coin size or value, and the buttons you can use to change the number of pay lines to wager on. The Bet Max button will spin the reels while betting the maximum number of coins. The spin button will roll the symbols over the reels.

The maximum prize offered in Elementals slot game is high, but to win the jackpot you have to bet the maximum amount.