Harveys Online Slots Reviewed for Real Money Pokies Players

We are a people fascinated with food. An excellent way of exploring the intricate workings of a new culture when travelling, is to sample the food enjoyed by the people of that culture.  Each culture has its own favourites, and its own customs and ways associated with those foods. Even days of import are celebrated with specific meals. Cake, for instance, is customary in Western culture, when celebrating a birthday. So is ice cream. Thanksgiving is about turkey, and Easter is about ham and chocolate. Continue reading “Harveys Online Slots Reviewed for Real Money Pokies Players”

Play Halloweenies Online Slots Game with an Exclusive Casino Guide

The tradition of Trick or Treating – the passing out of candy to children going from house to house at Halloween, has been around since the early 1900’s.  During the original celebrations of Samhain, the Celts would dress up in disguises made of animal skin, as this was  believed to drive evil forces away from the home.  In addition, tables were made up and filled with goodies and treats as this was supposedly effective in order to appease unwelcome and unfriendly spirits. Continue reading “Play Halloweenies Online Slots Game with an Exclusive Casino Guide”

Know about Halloween Fortune Online Slot Game

Halloween Fortune is a Playtech powered online slot game that has a five reel setup with three rows of Halloween themed symbols. There are 20 pay lines to bet amounts ranging from 0.01 to 1.00 per coin with the maximum of ten coins on each. Continue reading “Know about Halloween Fortune Online Slot Game”

High 5’s Gypsy Slot Game

High 5 has released a new slot game with five reels and a two hundred and forty-three ways of winning feature. This is the Gypsy slot game. The game also features wilds, split symbols, and a free spins bonus round. The Gypsy slot game is available on both Apple and Microsoft computers, as well as various mobile devices and iOS-powered devices. Continue reading “High 5’s Gypsy Slot Game”

Crazy Cows Slot Basics for Real Money Casino Players

Crazy Cows is about a group of girly cows that are infatuated with the handsome and very vain bull called Bill. The game is expertly done, and is light hearted and humorous. The barnyard is full of cartoon like animals, and the music in the background is Deep South soul type music, which is very effective. Continue reading “Crazy Cows Slot Basics for Real Money Casino Players”

Dragon Drop Slots in Detail for Pokies Enthusiasts

This game is situated in the time of dragons terrorizing the countryside, and the bold knight in the castle who is expected to do battle with these dragons. These comical, and rather chubby dragons may be the enemy of the farmers and the fluffy sheep in the neighbourhood, but they also are hiding chests of treasure that may be your reward. The background of Dragon Drop is lush green farming land, with a quantity of bright tulips in the foreground.

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Jumping Beans Online Slot Reviewed for Real Money Casino Players

Boasting an enjoyable and fairly light-hearted theme, Jumpin Beans is a progressive online video slot that can be found at a number of online casinos across the world. The game incorporates something of a classic feel, with just 3 reels presented to players.

Jumping Beans slot is played across these brightly decorated reels with just 5 paylines in play and offers players a handful of bonus features, including 2 random progressive jackpots, double paying wilds and the ever-popular additional free games bonus. Continue reading “Jumping Beans Online Slot Reviewed for Real Money Casino Players”

The Bermuda Mysteries Online Slots Explored

The Bermuda Triangle is an area over the ocean where many believe many strange and inexplicable occurrences have taken place. Aeroplane and ship disappearances, strange lights, and mysterious events are all tied in with the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Mysteries is an online slots game by NextGen Gaming that is inspired by the unsolved mysteries connected to the Bermuda Triangle.

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Big Bad Wolf Online Slots By Quickspin

True to its fairy tale roots, the Big Bad Wolf online slot game centres around the Big Bad Wolf’s attempts to huff, puff and blow down the houses of the Three Little Pigs. The designers at Swedish slot machine developer Quickspin, who created the game, have stuck with a cute rustic theme. The three apple-farming pigs living in the traditional straw, wood, and brick houses, although general game play takes place on the wall of Pig 1’s straw house.

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Check out the Features of Fruit Case Online Slots Game

The Fruit Case online slots game from Scandinavian game developers NetEnt, presents bright, simple graphics in bold colours with quirky electronic sound FX, set against a minimalist fruit processing factory. It’s a five-reel, three line slots game with 20 bet lines featuring seven regular symbols. The A, K and Q from poker are present, rendered as labels on pots of jam. Higher scoring icons are simple fruit faces; from lowest to highest scoring, they are a pear, lemon, orange and strawberry. The maximum win on these symbols without multipliers, a bet line of five strawberries, is 2000 times the line bet.

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