Playing Roulette free at Online Casinos

Playing Roulette Free at Online Casinos

Roulette is one of the best-known casino games in the world today, but it has a long history that begins as long ago as the 18th century, when one of the first versions of it was invented by Blaise Pascal. While significant modifications have been made to the game as it is played today, it still has much in common with the original French roulette game that debuted so many years ago.

There are a number of urban legends that surround the game, the most famous one being that the devil himself lays claim to it. According to this story, a man named Francois Blanc decided to begin bargaining with Lucifer in order to unlock the secret to continuously successful play, allowing him to rake in a fortune thanks to his devious knowledge.

Of course the only trade the devil was interested in making was for Blanc’s soul, and although no details are provided on what awaited the man who enjoyed such massive material wealth as a result of this bargain, it can be safely assumed that it did not end well. Luckily for today’s players, getting better at the game does not require any negotiations with Satan to be entered into, since roulette free versions are so widely provided for online.

American Roulette vs. European Roulette

Roulette free versions can help players more familiar with American roulette brush up on their European roulette strategies and vice versa. These two variations are the most commonly found ones, but are by no means the only ones around.

The roulette wheel itself is what separates these two versions, with the one more popular in the United States of America featuring an extra space. The double-zero wheel, as it is known to players, has an extra 0 slot, the 00 that gives it its name. The European version of roulette has only one 0 pocket.

There are many other versions of the game on offer, including French; Vegas; and Californian, and roulette free versions are a wonderful method by which players can find out which one it is that they most enjoy.

Playing the Game with No Risks Attached

Roulette free versions are provided to players by a large number of online and mobile casinos, and this is done for a number of different reasons. It allows inexperienced players to practice as much as they like, allowing them to gain confidence long before they are required to risk any of their money on the results of a game. Roulette free games also allow the online casino making it available the chance to showcase their software, and so convince the player to remain at the table and begin playing real money games somewhere along down the line.

Roulette free versions and no deposit casino are also a great way for online casinos to introduce a new version or variation of the game, and once again will allow players to get to grips with the new rules and such before they need to decide how much they would like to wager on a win.

Tips for Winning Online Roulette

Online roulette in the UK is one of the most popular games in the casinos just behind slot machines. However, many people are not just not sure how the game can be won so they often just ignore the fun and excitement of watching that spinning wheel and holding their breathe to see if the ball lands on their bet.


There are a few tips that may just help you win at roulette and give you the edge you need. You do need to understand a bit about the game or you will only be guessing instead of making calculated bets.


There are three main methods when it comes to betting on roulette which are the Martingale, The Labouchere & Reverse Labouchere, and D’Alembert. In order to use the Martingale method you will need quite a bit of money as it is required for the player known as the punter to double their bet each and every time they lose until they win the bet. After the player wins the bet will go back to the original bet. The main problem is that you may start with a £20 bet but must double that bet each time you lose which could wind up into the thousands.


The Labouchere and reverse Labouchere methods which are referred to as split Martingale and cancellation is a type of progressive gambling which means the player has a goal of a fixed amount of cash they want to win by losing less than half of the bets during the game. This method is a bit difficult as you will have to decide how much you wish to win and then divide this amount into units that add up to the amount you want to win. Once you do this, you will need the first bet to be the first and last number in the divided amount. The idea is to cross off each number in the divided numbers and win more than you lost by the time you have used all the numbers.


The D’Alembert method is one that very easy to understand created by mathematician Jean le Rond D’Alembert. The idea behind this method is that if you win a bet, the next bet you will lose, therefore you will want to bet less on the next bet after a win. The next bet after a loss, the chances of winning are greater so you bet more on that bet. Of course, this is still a gamble because you are not going to win every other spin of the wheel or lose every other spin.


The best part about playing roulette is that you can devise your own strategies and maybe hit more often than using any other method. Just learn how the game is played and pay attention to the numbers and colours that won and your chances will be greater of choosing the winning combination. An example, if you notice that the ball has hit on the number 33 more times or that it has landed on black several times in a row, you know red must be hit soon or that 33 is not going to be the number all the time.