Roulette Tips

Improve Your Winning Chances with Roulette Tips

Roulette is an absolute casino classic, and it’s a game that perfectly combines elements of luck and chance. The game’s results rely on where the ball will land on the wheel and there’s no strategy that can change the outcome. There is however ways you can increase your winning odds and systems that you can use to try and win on a more regular basis.

These Roulette tips will give you the edge and can put you on the path to striking it lucky, or even striking it rich!

Use Your Bonus Wisely

When playing Roulette online for real money you should be able to claim bonuses. You can use these bonuses to your advantage as you can increase the amount you ager, and thus the amount you could win. With an increased bankroll you can also play for longer, which gives you a greater length of time in which to win.

Play European Roulette

One of the simplest Roulette tips is to play European Roulette rather than American. Both versions are incredibly popular but their house edges differ dramatically. European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70%, whilst its American counterpart has a house edge of 5.26%. This increased house edge is due to the American wheel having an extra 00 numbered slot, creating one more possible place for the ball to land.

Learn Roulette Betting Systems

Although Roulette is a game of chance, there have been plenty of betting systems developed over the years that are designed to aid players in maximising their chances. These betting systems rely on positive and negative progression and the most popular is the Martingale system. Other systems that are also regularly implemented are the Paroli, Fibonacci and parole, and each is relatively easy to learn.

Manage Your Money

Money management is an essential Roulette tip, as the game can get very exciting and you could get carried away.  Set yourself a budget before you play and be sure to stick to it. If you are not having a good day, rather walk away and try again at a later stage. In the same vein, keep a cool head and don’t get emotional, Roulette is fast paced and fun, and shouldn’t be stressful.

Play Free Roulette Games

Although not readily available in land-based casinos, free online Roulette games are readily on offer online. When it comes to Roulette tips, one of the wisest will be to take advantage of the free play and demo mode games on offer, as they provide the perfect practice platform. Before wagering real money you can work out what the various bets are, how they work and hat systems suit you. When you do make the switch to placing real money wagers, you’ll have the upper hand and feel far more confident.

These Roulette tips can be implemented in the any way that you prefer and you can use them all, or only one or two. Roulette isn’t called the King of Casino Games for nothing and it’s a form of entertainment that’s been around for centuries. It’s one of the most popular table games globally, and it can be incredibly lucrative too.

Irish Eyes

Irish Eyes Online Slots from Next Generation Gaming

Irish Eyes slots is a NextGen Gaming offering, and it makes five reels and 25 paylines available for players to make their way to the win with. The theme for play is the classic luck-of-the-Irish idea, and this double featured slot is provided along with a very generous Pick Me bonus game as well as a free spins feature.

Players will be able to take advantage of as many as 12 totally complimentary spins of the reels, and also pocket as much as 100 times their triggering bets in the Pick Me game. This online slots machine game makes use of regular symbols as well as wilds and scatters, and is compatible with Mac OS’ thanks to the fact that it is an internet-based slots game that does not require players to download any software in order to enjoy it.

Players Get Lucky with Irish Eyes Online Slots

Irish Eyes online slots at Lucky Nugget casino Canada makes use of a number of different icons for play, all of which link back to the theme of Mother Ireland: leprechauns; a beautiful Irish woman; pots of gold; rainbows and four-leafed clovers all make an appearance, alongside the playing card symbols of aces; kings; queens; jacks; tens and nines.

The first thing that players who select Irish Eyes online slots will no doubt notice is how well depicted the theme is, both on and off the game’s reels. A rainbow extends behind the reels, displayed at the end of the road, and these are both framed by the lush greenery that Ireland is so world-famous for.

A variety of the colours of the rainbow has been used in the game, but those of yellow and green are strongest, and, after a brief introduction, players will be ushered right into the real money action. Clicking anywhere on the screen will allow players to quickly start the game, and the reels revolve at an extraordinarily rapid pace, throwing up winning combinations very regularly.

Fun Features for Irish Eyes Online Slots Play

The wild symbol for Irish Eyes is the leprechaun, and he also doubles up, acting as the key requirement for the standard jackpot as well. In his role as a wild icon, the leprechaun is able to stand in for all of the other icons of the game excepting the Irish woman, since she is the scatter symbol and thus exempt from the rules that govern the rest. The Irish woman scatter is also the player’s ticket to 12 free spins, with these being provided alongside a multiplier of three.

Players enjoying a lucky streak during Irish Eyes play can up the ante if they wish to by making use of the gamble feature which Next Generation Gaming has been kind enough to make available, and the button governing this feature will activate each time the player enjoys a win. Players who choose to grab hold of the opportunities it provides will be escorted to a second screen, and here they will be asked to guess the colour and/or suit of the facedown playing card displayed.

Casino Online Philippines

Welcome To A Virtual Casino Online Philippines World

With onshore providers and casino sites only legally accessible by players from outside the region’s borders, online casino fans from around the globe are drawn to the Philippines online gaming world. Why you ask? Well, the Philippines have an advanced Internet infrastructure which impacts on the online gaming industry positively.

It is also one of the most controlled and monitored gaming region’s in the world and as such, the Philippines’ gaming industry and its casino online Philippines sites are the safest and most secure, which is beneficial if not necessary with online real money gaming being notorious for theft and criminal activity.

Another unmissable reason for the increased popularity from players, developers, operators and key players within the online gaming industry is that the Philippines’ gaming market is nestled in close proximity and influence to the Asian market – a market of advanced technological opportunities and fast-growing potential.

Regular monitoring and strict control may seem limiting to players, however, the only thing which may be considered limited is the wagering amounts on real money machines. Strict control of online casinos allows for responsible gaming and fair play, meaning that players who enjoy real money games will enjoy fair play, random wins and a virtual world of rewards which is given to all fairly.

Catering For Foreign Players

There are more than 250 online casino Philippines sites to choose from which offers gameplay in English as well as allows foreign players to use US dollars, as well as many other currencies. From lotto, mobile casinos, sportsbooks and betting, to online bingo and hundreds of game titles of different game types, this virtual casino world truly caters for foreign players and also delivers.

Before joining with one of the casino online Philippines sites, it is important to check if the site is owned, operated, monitored and affiliated with the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, otherwise known as Pagcor.  This is a state-owned agency which controls all casino types, whether land-based or online, and casino gaming within the Philippines region apart from one other region which is the Cagayan Freeport.

Catering For Native Players

Although the casino online Philippines sites are not allowed to be enjoyed by natives of the region, with independent operators denied the opportunity to provide gaming for them, players residing in the Philippines are however catered for in other means. At first, these players were only allowed to play for free or real money using offshore casino operators and online games – although this was not a complete disappointment with international operators providing some of the best casino sites and games in the world.

Then, after many debates, it was decided that local players could immerse in onshore gaming sites, but with limitations. Pagcor-approved casino online Philippines sites were made available to those living within the borders, as well as wagering terminals, e-cafes, e-games and other online gaming channels approved by the stated-owned agency. In Cagayan Freeport area, many independent casinos were then also opened to locals.

Reel Steal

Get Criminal In Reel Steal Online Slot

Reel Steal is an online slot from Net Entertainment heavily influenced by the Driver and Grand Theft Auto video game series. Fans of vehicle heists and criminal activity will find allot of fun in this unique looking slot.

Reel Steal introduces players to a shady cast of characters who can pay you up to 1500x if you match 3 or more of their symbols on one of the 9 paylines.

This slot at river belle online casino additionally has an Autoplay feature where you can adjust the wager value and number of automatic spins if you need to be away from the reels for a while or if you simply want to make your game play simpler.

This slot also allows you to click the Spin button while the reels are spinning to instantly stop the slot spin in its tracks.

The free spin games can be played with up to 25 free games. Jackpots on offer go up to 1500x your line wager.

The Stolen Car Is Wild

Your best friend in Reel Steal slot is your speedy getaway car. Just like in a real life heist, a fast reliable car is worth its weight in gold. The yellow car is actually the wild symbol in this game.

If it is part of a symbol combination on the reels, it will automatically change its value to form a winning combination if it can.

This wild substitute also will add a 5x multiplier to any amount that is paid by a winning combination that includes it. This symbol really shines during the Reel Steal free games round.

Here, instead of a 5x multiplier, the wild symbol will add a 25x multiplier to a winning payout.

The Heroes And Villains

All the Reel Steal symbols are original icons. 5 of the symbols feature the main cast of this slot, while the other 5 symbols feature a gun and passports, a camera and blueprints, a fake briefcase, a bag of cash, and a safe filled with gold bars.

The blonde haired hero of this slot offers the big cash jackpot of 1500x your line wager.

The Explosive Scatter Icon

Matching 3 or more symbols on one of 9 paylines is already quite simple, but Reel Steal makes wins even more likely by including a scatter symbols. These icons don’t need to appear on active paylines, you just need at least 2 on screen and you will get a cash prize.

Reel Steal will also grant players free games if you land 3 or more of these dynamite scatters. Up to 25 free games can be won, with an up to 100x your line wager prize.

The Range Of Your Wagers

Reel Steal allows real money wagering once you have signed up to an online casino. Players must use coins to activate the paylines. Each payline can accept up to 10 coins.

Bets simply start at 0.01 per coin per payline, but you can increase the coin size to 0.50 for a maximum wager per payline of 5. The Max Bet button can be used to instantly place 10 coins on each payline.

What Is An Online Casino Free Bonus?

What Is An Online Casino Free Bonus?

Years ago one would have to go to a brick and mortar casino to play a casino game, and possibly stand a chance of winning some money. These days USA players can simply log onto the internet and find a multitude of online casinos all looking to attract new players through their proverbial doors. The main way that new casinos do this is to offer players an online casino free bonus. This is a bonus that usually offers players an amount of free cash or casino credits if they open an account with the online casino.

Free Spins

These are offered by a number of casinos like bet365 NZ to not only to draw in new players but also to keep existing players loyal, and to attract players to a new slot game. When you sign up with the casino and create an account you will be given an amount of free spins to play on particular slot machines. It is important to bear in mind that most casinos will not allow you to use your free spins on just any slot machine. Progressives are usually out of the question, as are very popular ones.

Welcome Bonus

This is a bonus in which the casino matches a new player’s first couple of deposits up to a certain amount. This is one of the most common kinds of online casino free bonus. USA players can see their initial deposit being matched sometimes 100%, up to a certain dollar amount. Subsequent deposits will also be matched by the casino. In some cases up to a generous 200% or even 500%. Bear in mind that there are of course limits to this. You cannot expect the casino to give you thousands of dollars.

Most welcome bonuses will also come with restrictions. In many cases you will have a wager requirement tacked on to them. This is how many times you have to wager that amount before you can draw it out. This is to prevent people simply getting free money from the casino and then leaving. Another requirement could be that you have to use the money in the casino only on certain games.

No Deposit Bonus

This is a online casino free bonus which can be accessed before you deposit any money into your account. This is usually a small amount of dollars which is made available to you to try out some of the games. Not all games will be able to be played with this and of course it comes with rules as well. Many casinos will require you to wager your no deposit bonus a number of times before you can draw it out. Some casinos will not allow you to draw it out at all, and will ask you to pay it back out of your winnings.

How To Get An Online casino free bonus

The first thing you have to do is sign up with a real money casino. Free money casinos do not usually offer an online casino free bonus. To create an account with a casino you will need proof of ID, be over 21 years old and sometimes have a credit card. Once your account is active you can begin to make use of the online casino free bonus.

A Breakdown Of Get Fruity Slot Game

Casinos have, for several centuries already, formed an important part of entertainment for players around the world. There is something so thrilling about playing games of chance when at the back of one’s mind; the possibility of winning big is always present. Of course, it is only natural that they progressed in order to keep up with technological changes and are now available online. This has made casino games more accessible to players.

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Craps – a Game Rich in History

Craps is a game played with two dice. The objective of the game is to predict which number will appear on the roll. All players place a bet, and then one of the players, called a shooter, rolls the dice. The bets can be wagered on the pass line or the don’t pass line. There are three possible outcomes for the first roll of the dice. If the total of the amounts showing on the dice amounts to 7 or 11, the pass line bet wins, and that game ends. If the dice show a total of 2, 3 or 12, the total on this come out roll is called Craps. This means the don’t pass line bet will win.  If the throw of the dice gives a total amount of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, these are known as Point numbers. If the shooter rolls any of these numbers, this will establish the Point number, and this number has to appear as a total on the dice before another 7 appears.

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Marbles Lottery Game Reviewed

Net Entertainment is well known in the online casino industry, acclaimed for creating some of the best slot games currently available. The hallmarks of a Net Entertainment slot game are outstanding quality, impressive graphics, and generally an interesting twist or theme that brings new light to an old concept. That’s not to say Net Entertainment has never made a mediocre game, but you can always rely on them to at least provide a unique, interesting experience where online casino UK games are concerned, if nothing else.

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Classic Football Theme with Golden Goal Slot

Online slot gaming is certainly getting more adept at producing a theme alongside the slot gaming experience on offer for the players. With this Golden Goal online slot game from Play’n Go a slightly different approach has been made to the experience such that players will find themselves in a very classic style of slot gaming, theme and all. Though the style of the game is done with a classical intent the game is still well done and with some effective themed graphics that make the football associated experience one of a very recognisable nature. Overall in terms of look and visual experience this slot game offers plays a football theme experience.

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Olympic Themed Golden Games Slot from Playtech

This is definitely a slot game themed toward something similar if not the same as the Olympics itself. From the instant that players open up this game screen they will recognise the references to athletics and other sports alike, often represented on the reels in the form of small gold caricatures in the middle of various sporting events. This does make for a rather reprehensible appearance which is made a bit better by the graphics involved through the developers Playtech and which offers up the events on the reels in a more appealing manner. Overall it is rather apparent that despite the theme choice of this Golden Games slot players will likely find the reels at the least quite amusing.

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