LuckyClic Italian Online Casino

LuckyClic Italian Online Casino

LuckyClic is an exclusive online casino that caters only to players only in Italy. A sister site of 32Red, LuckyClic Italia is region locked and will not accept players from anywhere else in the world. Players must access the site from within Italian borders and must be a citizen of this European country. At LuckyClic Italian is the only language supported and the casino only accepts Euro and no other currency whatsoever.

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Big Bad Wolf Online Slots

Big Bad Wolf Online Slots

True to its fairy tale roots, the Big Bad Wolf online slot game centres around the Big Bad Wolf’s attempts to huff, puff and blow down the houses of the Three Little Pigs. The designers at Swedish slot machine developer Quickspin, who created the game, have stuck with a cute rustic theme. The mobile pokies Australia three apple-farming pigs living in the traditional straw, wood, and brick houses, although general game play takes place on the wall of Pig 1’s straw house.

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Your Guide to Aberrant Software Inc.

A Background of Aberrant Software Incorporated

Established in 2010, Aberrant Software Inc. is a relatively new contender in the online casino software world. The company has its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, the same city in which it was established more than 5 years ago, where Aberrant develops its own proprietary casino software which it leases to other established online casinos on the web.

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The Fruit Case Online Slots Game

Fruit Case Online Slots Game

The Fruit Case online slots game at online casinos Australia, from Scandinavian game developers NetEnt, presents bright, simple graphics in bold colours with quirky electronic sound FX, set against a minimalist fruit processing factory. It’s a five-reel, three line slots game with 20 bet lines featuring seven regular symbols. The A, K and Q from poker are present, rendered as labels on pots of jam. Higher scoring icons are simple fruit faces; from lowest to highest scoring, they are a pear, lemon, orange and strawberry. The maximum win on these symbols without multipliers, a bet line of five strawberries, is 2000 times the line bet.

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Dead or Alive Online Slots

Dead or Alive Online Slots

A saloon door creaks, a crow calls raucously and a distant dog barks. A spaghetti Western whistle vies with the wind and the tumbleweed. The animations echo the sound FX: raw wood construction, a swinging kerosene lamp opposite a spindly windmill, with a threatening thunderstorm on the horizon. Scandinavian game developers NetEnt have abandoned their more usual bright, insistent themes with the Dead or Alive slots game, giving it the atmosphere of an outlaw card game in a Wild West saloon.

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Dragon Slot Casino Game

Dragon Slot – Dragon Themed Slot Machine

Dragon Slot, by Amaya, is an online slot machine game, abiding by the known slot machine rules. The player must spin the reels, and hope to match the icons, left to right, in order to form winning sequences. Bonus icons grant extra payouts, or can stand in place for other icons as wild cards. The unique values of Dragon Slot are the icons themselves, which feature a collection of impressive artwork that animates for extra entertainment value. A soundtrack, featuring mysterious, fantasy themed music, is also used during play, adding a sense mystery to the game.

Dragon Slot Icons

A set of unique dragons feature on the Dragon Slot icons, each with a different colour and look. The dragons are; green, blue, brown, black and gold. These are played alongside classic card numbers and symbols, as well as an armoured knight and the scatter icon; a golden skull. The card numbers match as with all slot machines; in sequences or with themselves, while the dragons may likewise match with themselves. Depending on which dragons match, the payout can be bigger.

Bonus And Special Icons

The golden dragon, marked with the world wild, is the game’s wild card, and may stand as substitute for other matches. You player may get, for example, two blue dragons and a golden dragon, for a total of three blue dragons. The bonus icon is represented by two dragons fighting, and if matched with itself will trigger the bonus win sequence. This involves an animated dragon, and the chance for the player to get an enormous payout. The armoured knight icon, when matched, will grant the player a number of free spins, none of which cost a cent. These spins will play out automatically and can snowball, gathering more free spins as they go.

Player Interface

Dragon Slots has a user interface along the bottom of the screen, designed to easily be used on a mobile device. This interface shows the current account balance, the number of lines bet on, the spin icon, and auto-spin icon. Note that the player may select how many lines to bet on, meaning that more winning options can be unlocked, the more money is bet. If funds run low, the player may reduce the lines, but have less chance to win per spin. The auto-spin option, found in the bottom right, may be clicked to have the reels spin without having to manually tap the spin button. The maximum number of auto-spins allowed is 100. Also note the info button, which will explain the winning matches in more detail.

Play On Your Mobile Device

This real money slots Philippines game has been designed, with its bold icons and easy interface, to play on mobile phones and tablets. To get this game on your device, simply search for it in the applicable application store; Google Play Store or Apple iStore. If you prefer to play on your home computer, note that there is a version of the game specifically designed for this. Both versions may be played for free, or for real money, as the player prefers.

European Blackjack Explained

Amaya’s Online European Blackjack Explained

European Blackjack, by Amaya, is an online simulation of the popular casino game, recreated with clear graphics, voice narration, engaging animations, and a very user friendly interface. The player need simply login and play, from desktop browser or via mobile device, and the game can be played for free, or for real money. Note that any players wishing to play for online blackjack real money canada must be logged in to an account, and must have available funds. If playing in a browser, please ensure that Flash is installed, or an error message may be returned

Playing Blackjack

The game of blackjack is well known, and the rules are recreated in this online version to exact specifications. The player is dealt two cards, of which the values are added. The player must then select to stand, or ask for another card, depending on how close the total is to twenty one. If a new card is dealt and the total above twenty one, the player is bust and loses their bet. If the player sticks, the dealer must attempt to get a total closer to twenty one. If the dealer cannot get closer, the player wins the bet. Some special rules may change how the game is played, depending on the cards dealt.

Advanced Rules – Push And Aces

In European Blackjack, if the player stands on seventeen, or above, and the dealer gets the same number, the round is declared a push and the bet returned to the player. Meaning that no money is won or lost. Another rule to note is the ace. If an ace is dealt to the player, it may be played as eleven, or one. Hence, the player may call for another card, and if the total exceeds twenty one, the ace may then be played as a one, to avoid going bust. If the player is dealt five cards, without exceeding twenty one, this is often referred to as a five card trick.

European Blackjack – Interface And Buttons

The game has been designed to be easily playable on mobile devices and tablets. All buttons are one touch, and options are clearly visible. Upon starting, the player can place a bet by tapping the betting ring on the virtual table. How much in chips each single tap places can be changed via the options in the bottom right.

Once a bet is placed, the player can then touch the deal button to have cards dealt. When cards have been dealt, new options will appear as appropriate. The stand button keeps the current total, while the hit button asks for another card. If other options are available with the specific hand, they will be clearly displayed. When the hand is done, and the narrator has called player win, bust, or push, a button will then appear for a new game.

Note that if you would like more details about the game, winning hands, and payout odds, it can be seen by touching the Table Limits and Payouts display on the virtual table. If you would like further information, or have questions, contact the customer support centre of the online casino where you play.

Potion Factory Online Slot Game

Potion Factory Online Slot Game

Potion Factory is a very busy online slot machine game, which is produced by software developer Leander, and their partner Amaya. This game is set in a cartoon potion factory with loads of little minions running around all the time. The game has a number of added extras, such as wild and scatter symbols, a nudge feature and a second screen bonus round.

The slot at River Belle Casino also has fixed forty paylines, which means that you will not be able to play less than this, making potion factory a rather expensive slot to play. This slot is not recommended for beginners, due to it being rather complex and having a fixed forty-payline structure. The slot does have an Auto play function that can be set for up to one hundred spins. This allows the player to set the betting parameters, and let the slot spin itself without having to click on the Spin button.

Please keep an eye on you game when this is happening however, so that you know exactly what is going on . Potion Factory can be played for both real and free money. There is also an HTML5 version of the slot out for players who use mobile devices.

Potion Factory Wild and Scatter

The wild symbol in the game is a flat-bottomed test tube. This is an expending wild, and will expand to take over an entire reel if the player is lucky. This feature is animated by all three magicians jumping around in front of the test tube. This wild feature will lead to many more wins than a standard wild, as it will take the place of other symbols on the reels by expanding over them.

The scatter symbol is represented by the bonus symbol. This can only be found on reels one, three and five. This bonus symbol will trigger the second screen bonus round.

Potion Factory Feel and Symbols

The overall feel of the slot is one of cute cartoons. As mentioned it is a very busy slot, with high end entertaining graphics. The backdrop of the slot is a crowded factory, with pipes and all sorts of factory regalia running all over the place. Predominant colour is green, with green potion leaking all over the place. The slot involves a lot of humour, and is very light hearted and fun to play.

The basic symbols are the 10 through to Ace, which are all in bright colours and are rendered as multi-coloured potions. The rest of the symbols are little magicians who are creating the potions, one blue, one green and one red. The blue magician is the highest of these three, with green next in line followed by Red. The highest paying symbol in the game is the PF logo, which pays 500x your coin when landing five of them in a row.

Potion Factory Bonus Round

In this round you will find a wheel featuring free spins and an X Formula bonus. An automatic pointer will spin around the wheel and reveal your particular winnings. This bonus round is pretty straight forward, however landing one of the wilds in this round will add to your winnings as they will stay in place for the entire round.

Geckos Gone Wild HTML5

Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 by Amaya

Geckos Gone Wild is a mobile slot machine that was developed by Amaya, the UK based games provider. The game is based on the successful brick and mortar slot game made by Cadillac Jack. As a consequence, however, of the upgrade to HTML5 mobile software, Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 is playable instantly on any mobile device, including Apple devices. A remarkable development, HTML5 has ushered the whole no download concept into mobile slots play. Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 has 5 reels and 20 paylines across 3 rows. The game betting range effectively can be varied from 0.01 coins to as much as 100 coins per spin, attracting both low and high rollers. The game, significantly, has a progressive jackpot. Additional game features of interest include free spins and multipliers.

Theme and Features

Thematically Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 is interesting. Kokopelli, a mythical trickster, is determined to stalk the gecko and set fire to its tail, which is the storyline. Décor is cheerful with warm natural colours prevailing. The reel symbols are well matched to the colour scheme and introduce new gecko themed images with the traditional fruits, letters, and bells.

Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 is a mobile adaption and therefore has some differences from the original. The 20 paylines, for instance, are fixed and unchangeable. Apart from the progressive jackpot which has an actively growing payout, Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 base game features a maximum win 5000 coins, or 50 000 coins with the settings for coin denomination and stake at maximum. The progressive jackpot is a major feature, and attraction obviously, of Geckos Gone Wild HTML5. Depending on the amount of players participating, this jackpot grows accordingly and can become quite large. It could also be won at any moment.

The Two Wild Symbols

Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slots game has two Wild symbols. The first real money slots Canada symbol is a red gecko perching on a rock, and the second is the Kokopelli statue, labelled clearly as Wild. Both Wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol except the bonuses in order to complete a winning combination. Five wilds on a payline pays the 5000 coin jackpot, but only the red gecko, same at the original Geckos Gone Wild slots game, pays 50 000 coins for five of a kind.

An Important Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol is Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 is the brick oven symbol. Rewarding players with Scatter wins of up to 40 coins, the main win from landing two or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels is up to 60 free spins. The free spins can also be retriggered. During the free spins game all wins are doubled, although the top jackpot cannot be won. The colour scheme on the reels also changes during the free spins rounds, an addition to the original version that assists on the small screen with identifying when the free spins start and end.

Much like the original game, Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 has an eclectic mix of symbols on the reels with little commonality, but is a slots game with an excellent return to player pay-out that can be played instantly, and on mobile.

Try Roulette Free at Top Internet Casinos

Try Roulette Free at Top Internet Casinos

Roulette is arguably the most glamorous game on the casino floor. Think about roulette and you can’t help but imagine a James Bond like character, surrounded by a bevy of bejewelled beauties in elegant evening gowns. You probably also can’t help but think about the high stakes that are usually involved.

But why should such a wonderful game be reserved only for the fortunate few?

Well, as it turns out, it’s not – not if you play roulette free online. That’s right, unlike any brick-and-mortar casino we’ve ever heard of, pretty much all virtual table game venues now allow players to enjoy roulette free. So the betting limits at their digital roulette tables will never be too rich for your blood.

If playing online roulette free sounds too good to be true, read on to have all your questions – including why internet casinos appear to give something away for nothing – answered.

Why Do Casinos Let You Roulette Free?

The idea of being allowed to play roulette free may sound a little suspect primarily since it seems illogical for internet casinos to give away their games.

But there is actually a very simple explanation for this – marketing. Although online casinos offer an amazing range of benefits – including affordability, convenience, huge progressive jackpots, and premium software – they can never quite replicate the atmosphere and side attractions of land-based venue.

That’s why they let people play roulette free. It’s a massive draw card that traditional casinos simply don’t offer. The idea behind offering roulette free of charge is that the lack of risk will draw players to give their wheels a spin and hopefully enjoy it so much that they soon return to play for real money.

Now that doesn’t sound suspect at all, does it?

Are There Any Payouts Involved?

No. Of course, it wouldn’t make sense for online casinos to award payouts when they haven’t received any actual, real-money wagers. Where would the money come from?

So, in order to enjoy the absence of risk, players have to go without any wins too. But plenty of us enjoy roulette as much for the thrill of the game itself as for its potential to yield large payouts.

What you will find at the top casinos, however, is something called a no deposit bonus. This takes the form of a certain number of credits that you are given simply for signing up. These usually require you to spin a certain number of times but you often don’t have to deposit anything unless you actually win. So this means you can enjoy roulette free and stand in line for a payout.

Can I Play Roulette Free via Mobile?

Absolutely! Regardless of whether you’re playing on a smartphone or a tablet, Android or iOS, you’ll be able to access plenty of roulette free on your mobile device.

These roulette free games are optimised to function on the mobile interface and allow you to spin the wheel whenever and wherever you want to.

Which Roulette Variants Are Available?

All of them! Experienced roulette players know that there isn’t only one type of roulette. Generally, people have particular preferences when it comes to the four roulette variants – American, Atlantic City, European, and French Roulette.

And, whereas most offline casinos only offer one or two variants, you’ll find them all online because, even if one site doesn’t have them all, others that do are only a few clicks away. And these leading internet casinos offer roulette free on all the variants available for real-money play.